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Welcome to the 2017 Tachibana Makoto Birthday Fanworks Exchange!

This is the fifth annual event celebrating our favorite Iwatobi captain & backstroker. :D

makoto playing with kitten

The exchange is open to art, comics, fic, and manips centered around Makoto. Despite the name, fanworks don’t have to be birthday-themed. All romantic pairings (het/slash/other; twosome/threesome/moresome), platonic pairings (with friends/family) and non-pairings (Makoto alone or with animals) are welcome. ♥♥♥

A special note: we would like to stay out of any and all shipping wars. To that end, we ask that you kindly refrain from requests or fills that involve hate or harm for any canon character, including character bashing (but the kink meme is always open for all your needs!). Thank you for helping us keep fandom a happy place!

This challenge runs on Japan Standard Time.

Sign-ups, Phase 1: September 3 - 17 (note: an AO3 account *is* required)
Sign-ups, Phase 2: September 18 - 26 (note: a DW account is *not* required)
Assignments Sent: September 30
Fanworks Due: November 7 (countdown clock | timezone converter)
Emergency Pinch Hit Period: November 8 - 15
Works go live on AO3: November 17 (Happy Birthday, Mako!)

Sign Ups | Assignment Guidelines | Posting Guidelines | Pinch Hitter Sign-ups | Find a Beta/Be a Beta


1. What is the Tachibana Makoto Birthday Fanworks Exchange?
A prompts-based gift exchange in honor of our favorite Iwatobi swim team backstroker’s birthday! All romantic pairings (het/slash/other; twosome/threesome/moresome), platonic pairings (with friends/family) and non-pairings (Makoto alone or with animals) are welcome!

2. How does a prompts-based exchange work?
A prompts-based exchange has two phases.

Phase 1: Participants sign up on AO3, making prompt requests. The prompts may as specific or as general as the participant wants to make them.

Phase 2: After Phase 1, the prompts are posted on Dreamwidth, grouped by participant/prompter and with the name removed to assure anonymity when choosing and matching. Participants browse the Dreamwidth post and leave a comment (screened) with their AO3 name and a list of the prompts they are interested  in and/or willing to take.

For more details, please see the Sign Up Info post.

3. What kinds of fanworks are eligible?
Art, comics, fic, and manips.

4. Do requests/fills have to be birthday-themed?
Not at all! They only have to involve Makoto as one of the main characters.

5. Are crossovers and fusions allowed?
Yes. Please see the Sign Up Info post for details.

6. I’m in! How do I sign up?

  • Please note that the exchange is being run through AO3 this year and you will need an AO3 account to participate. To get a free account, if you don’t have one already, go here.
  • For more information about sign ups and to participate, go here.

7. Okay, I signed up and got my assignment. What happens next?
The fun part, hopefully! You get to write or draw something for one of the prompts in your assignment.

8. What are the assignment requirements?
Please see the Assignment Guidelines for full details.

9. What are the posting requirements?
Please post your fill to AO3 by the deadline, end of day Japan Standard Time on November 7th [countdown clock]. Please DO NOT post your work anywhere else until after works are live on AO3!

For more information, including how to post to AO3, see the Posting Guidelines.

10. What if I can’t complete my assignment?
No matter what the reason, please default through AO3 as soon as possible so a pinch hitter can be found.

For more information, see the "Dropping Out" section of the Posting Guidelines.

11. What is a pinch hitter?
When a participant drops out for whatever reason, a pinch hitter is someone who steps up and accepts the assignment in their place (sometimes on very short notice).

12. How does pinch hitting work?
Unlike regular assignments, pinch hits are not automatically assigned. Whenever one comes up, it goes out for claiming to all potential pinch hitters on a mailing list. If you’re interested in taking the assignment, you reply to the email. Pinch hits are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

13 What are the requirements for a pinch hit?
The same as for a regular assignment. Please see the Assignment Guidelines for details.

14. Is it too late to become a pinch hitter?
It’s never too late! You’re welcome to join as a pinch hitter even if you didn’t sign up for a regular assignment. To be added to the list or if you have any questions about pinch hitting, see the Pinch Hitters post (note: a Dreamwidth account is not required for this event).

15. I need a beta / I want to be a beta.
We’re hoping to set up a dedicated pool of betas for the 2015 event; please see the "Be a Beta / Find a Beta" post (note: a Dreamwidth account is not required for this event).

16. I have a question you haven’t answered here.
Please leave a comment here or drop me a line (@DW or @email).