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If you're looking for a beta for your exchange fic or want to help someone else out, you've come to the right place. You are more than welcome to use your own beta, of course! This is just for those want one but aren't sure how to find one on their own or otherwise feel more comfortable doing it this way.

A couple of notes on who can use this post:
  • You do have to be a participant in the Makoto Birthday Exchange to ask for a beta.
  • You do NOT have to be a participant in the Makoto Birthday Exchange to be a beta for someone. :D
If you can't find a beta here, making a post on other site (fandom tagged or to a fandom comm) will usually do the trick.

If you are looking for a beta, please post this information in a comment below:

*In the subject line, please put: I need a beta!
Contact: (e.g. email, social media account,etc. -- however you want those interested to get in touch)
Type of beta you're looking for: (e.g. technical for grammar/spelling, someone to bounce ideas off of, etc.)
Characters/Pairings involved:
Approximate length:
Anything else you think is important:

(Try not to give too much away, in case your recipient happens to see your comment.)

If you want to volunteer as a potential beta
, please post this information in a comment below:

*In the subject line, please put: I want to be a beta!
Contact: (e.g. email, social media account -- however you want those interested to get in touch)
Type(s) of beta work you can do: (grammar/spelling, notes on narrative structure, willing to bounce ideas, general cheerleading, etc.)
Characters/Pairings you're interested in or willing to read:
Maximum rating you're willing to read:
Anything else you think is important:

Thank you and good luck!
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Thank you for your interest in being a pinch hitter for the 2016 Tachibana Makoto Birthday Exchange! Here's some info for you:

What is a pinch hitter?

When a participant drops out for whatever reason, a pinch hitter is someone who steps up and accepts the assignment in their place (sometimes on very short notice). Pinch hitters are absolutely essential to the success of any exchange.

How does pinch hitting work?

Unlike regular assignments, pinch hits are not automatically assigned. Whenever one comes up, it goes out for claiming to all potential pinch hitters on a mailing list. If you’re interested in taking the assignment, you reply to the email. If you're not interested, you don't have to do anything. Pinch hits are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Do I have to be a participant in the exchange in order to be a pinch hitter?

Definitely not! We'll take anyone who's interested.

So then, how can I join the pinch hitter mailing list?
Leave a comment here with your name and a reliable email address you check regularly. Comments are screened and your email will be kept confidential.

Do I need an account anywhere in particular to participate?
Yes—the exchange is running through AO3 this year, so in order to accept a pinch hit assignment you will need an AO3 account. If you don't have one, you can go here to request a free account or let us know in your comment and we'll set you up with one.

And how much do you love me for signing up to be a pinch hitter?
A lot. So flippin' much, you don't even know!

Just in case you missed it above: to sign up as a pinch hitter, please leave a comment here (all comments are screened) with the following:
  • your name (whatever you want me to call you; including your AO3 name is optional at this point)
  • a reliable email address you check regularly
Thank you! ♥
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Assignments are due November 7, 2016 JST. 

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Information about posting and about dropping out (defaulting) is below.

Posting Your Fill

Log in to AO3 and go to your Assignments page. Find the assignment marked “2016 Tachibana Makoto Birthday Exchange.” There will be two buttons:

  • To post your fill, click “Fulfill.” This will take you to the page where you can post your work, with the challenge and your recipient’s name already filled in.
Please do not post your work anywhere else until after works are live on AO3. An announcement will be made on DW and tumblr when works are live and you're free to post wherever you like.

Posting & Defaulting FAQ )
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Assignments for the 2016 Makoto Birthday Exchange are due on November 7 JST.

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::General Notes::

You are only required to fill one of the requests in your assignment in order to complete the assignment. You are welcome to do more than one request or multiple fills for the same request, if you have time and interest (optional; not required).

Please do not talk publicly about what you're working on until after works are live on AO3! It's absolutely okay to say you got your assignment and other general kinds of things, but it would be great if you don't give away whose assignment you got or which prompt you're doing. Some of the fun is the element of surprise, after all (finding out who created something for you and which of your requests they chose to do). :D

If you have any questions for your recipient, please contact us. We'll relay the message to your recipient and get back to you with their response as soon as possible.

Requirements )