makobdayexchange: (2016)

Party Favors is a bonus round for extra gifts. Anyone can do a Party Favors fill. :D

To be clear, there are two types of fills for the Makoto Birthday Exchange:
  • Assignment Fill = Required of participants, open only to signed-up participants
  • Party Favors (Extra) Fill = Optional, open to literally everyone
No sign-up or claiming is required for Party Favors. Everyone is welcome to do a Party Favors fill, whether or not you signed up as an original participant. (You don’t get anything out of doing Party Favors except the joy of making someone happy.)

Party Favor fills have no word count or pixel minimums. They’re just meant to be an extra little treat for the recipient (and a way to do a fill for a prompt you might be in love with but didn’t get assigned, or something for a friend or someone you admire, or for whatever reason you choose). :D

The past two years, we’ve run Party Favors as a bonus round at the end of the exchange. This year, we're running it simultaneously with the main round, with a later deadline than the main round (the day after Makoto's birthday).

In bullet points:

  • Party Favors 2016 runs September 29 - November 18 (one day after Makoto’s birthday).
  • Party Favors is optional and open to everyone.
  • There is no sign up or claiming. If something catches your eye and you want to do a fill for it, go right ahead!
  • Fills should follow the same Guidelines as those for regular assignments, with one exception:
    • There is no minimum requirement for Party Favor fills.
If you have any questions, ask away.

Have fun!