makobdayexchange: (2017)
Welcome to the 2017 Tachibana Makoto Birthday Fanworks Exchange!

This is the fifth annual event celebrating our favorite Iwatobi captain & backstroker. :D

makoto playing with kitten

The exchange is open to art, comics, fic, and manips centered around Makoto. Despite the name, fanworks don’t have to be birthday-themed. All romantic pairings (het/slash/other; twosome/threesome/moresome), platonic pairings (with friends/family) and non-pairings (Makoto alone or with animals) are welcome. ♥♥♥

A special note: we would like to stay out of any and all shipping wars. To that end, we ask that you kindly refrain from requests or fills that involve hate or harm for any canon character, including character bashing (but the kink meme is always open for all your needs!). Thank you for helping us keep fandom a happy place!

This challenge runs on Japan Standard Time.

Sign-ups, Phase 1: September 3 - 17 (note: an AO3 account *is* required)
Sign-ups, Phase 2: September 18 - 26 (note: a DW account is *not* required)
Assignments Sent: September 30
Fanworks Due: November 7 (countdown clock | timezone converter)
Emergency Pinch Hit Period: November 8 - 15
Works go live on AO3: November 17 (Happy Birthday, Mako!)

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