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Assignments for the 2017 Makoto Birthday Exchange are due on November 7 JST.

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::General Notes::

You are only required to fill one of the requests in your assignment in order to complete the assignment. You are welcome to do more than one request or multiple fills for the same request, if you have time and interest (optional; not required).

Please do not talk publicly about what you're working on until after works are live on AO3! It's absolutely okay to say you got your assignment and other general kinds of things, but it would be great if you don't give away whose assignment you got or which prompt you're doing. Some of the fun is the element of surprise, after all (finding out who created something for you and which of your requests they chose to do). :D

If you have any questions for your recipient, please contact us. We'll relay the message to your recipient and get back to you with their response as soon as possible.

::Content Requirements::

  • Your fanwork should fill one of the prompts in your assignment, including characters and/or relationships, and respecting any likes and dislikes mentioned.
    • We know that prompts are open to interpretation (and we think that makes things even more fun!), but anyone looking at your fill should be able to tell what prompt inspired it.
    • Please DO NOT add romantic pairings that are not mentioned in the prompt, even as a hinted pairing.
  • Your fanwork must be the type specified by your recipient for that particular request.

::General Requirements::

You are only required to fill one of the requests in your assignment in order to complete the assignment.

These guidelines apply to all fills, regardless of type.
  • original work previously unpublished
  • finished/polished quality
  • standalone (not part of a larger work or series)
  • complete (the whole story should be told)
    • multi-chapter stories are allowed only if all chapters are posted
  • English language only (in the case of art/comics/manips, no words is also fine)

::Technical Requirements by type::


  • minimum of 600px per dimension; no maximum
  • traditional as well as digital media
  • color or b&w
  • still/static or animated/moving image

  • minimum of 3 panels; no maximum
  • color or b&w

  • minimum of 1000 words; no maximum
    • while you’re more than welcome to do multiple fics for your recipient, one of them must be at least 1000 words
    • no "to be continued"; multi-chapter stories are allowed only if all chapters are posted
  • optional: the find a beta post

  • minimum of 3 panels; no maximum
  • must use screencaps or other official art (no fanart)
  • still/static or animated/moving images
  • accompanying text/ficlet is optional (not required)

::Posting Your Fill / Dropping Out::

Log in to AO3 and go to your Assignments page. Find the assignment marked "2016 Tachibana Makoto Birthday Exchange." There will be two buttons:
  • To post your fill, click "Fulfill." This will take you to the page where you can post your work, with the challenge and your recipient's name already filled in.
  • To drop out, click "Default." The event coordinator will get a message and send the assignment to a pinch hitter.
If you need to drop out for any reason, please default through AO3 as soon as possible, so we can give the pinch hitter who picks it up as much time as possible. Please note that if you drop out and the person drawing/writing for you also drops, your requests will not go to the pinch hitter list. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment here or send an email.

Thank you and happy creating!