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This is a reminder that there are two weeks to the November 7 JST deadline for main round fills. (The deadline for Party Favors – the bonus round open to everyone – is different, of course; more info here.)

We wanted to see how you’re all doing, so here’s a quick survey when you have a chance (it should take less than a minute):


Please be honest with yourself when reponding. This is an opportunity for realistic assessment, so we can make sure there are enough pinch hitters and/or prepare for other possibilities and keep the exchange running smoothly.

If you are requesting an extension, please send that directly to Miaou in addition to filling out the survey. You may ask for an additional 1-2 days; experience has shown that longer extensions usually result in the participant dropping at a late date. (If it helps, keep in mind that you will have the time between the deadline and reveals to polish your fill; it only has to be complete by the deadline, not perfect.)

If you need to drop out for whatever reason, please do so through AO3 as soon as possible, in order to give the pinch hitter who steps in for you a fair amount of time to work on the fill.

Please note and keep in mind that the exchange runs on JST, so the date of the deadline may not match the date in your own timezone. To avoid confusion, please use these links:

countdown clock | time zone converter (use “change your location”)

Other useful links:

If you have any questions that aren’t answered at those links, let me know.

Good luck!
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