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With just under 24 hours to Makoto’s birthday in Japan, I’m super excited to say that all participants now have a gift. Fantastic job, everyone! (There’s about a day to edit and polish fills before works go live.)

Thank you to all our pinch hitters, even the ones who didn’t end up with an assignment: just knowing you had the exchange’s back on this was a great reassurance. ❤

Party Favors is open until the end of the day after Makoto’s birthday in the last time zone on Earth – which means there are still close to 4 days left in the bonus round!

  • Party Favors is optional and open to everyone.
  • There is no sign up or claiming. If something catches your eye and you want to do a fill for it, go right ahead!
  • Fills should follow the same Guidelines as those for regular assignments, with one exception: There is no minimum requirement for Party Favor fills.