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Works for the 4th annual Makoto Birthday Exchange are now live!

As you celebrate, we hope you’ll enjoy some of the 29 fics written this year. :D

Thanks as deep and as wide as the ocean to everyone who participated (as a writer, a pinch hitter, and/or a beta) and to all who offered support and encouragement along the way. ❤

And it’s not too late to participate! Party Favors – the bonus round open to everyone – is running through the end of the day after Makoto’s birthday in the last time zone on Earth.

  • Party Favors is optional and open to everyone.
  • Browse the requests here on DW or here on AO3.
  • There is no sign up or claiming. If something catches your eye and you want to do a fill for it, go right ahead!
  • There is no minimum requirement for Party Favors fills.

Full details here.

Happy Makoto’s Birthday, everyone! 💖💝💗
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